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Excessive Protein Soy-Free Tofu (9 sorts!) – Mary’s Take a look at Kitchen


Soy-free Tofu may be separated into two most important sorts primarily based on their diet content material and the way they’re made. This put up focuses on the excessive protein, low carb selection that appears and appears like conventional soy tofu.

My Excessive Protein Soy-Free Tofu is made in the identical approach as conventional tofu which is created from excessive protein curds and pressed right into a block. So you can also make it gentle, medium, agency and further agency. And with these macros, it’s excellent for any weight-reduction plan however notably keto and low carb.

pinterest image for 9 types of soy-free tofu

Recipes for Excessive Protein Soy-Free Tofu

During the last yr, I’ve been experimenting with completely different plant-based components to seek out out which of them make the finest excessive protein soy-free tofu. I examined beans, peas, lentils and seeds with various outcomes. Some are higher for substituting additional agency tofu, some are extra delicate, and will not be a lot a substitute as their very own scrumptious meals!

seasoned and unseasoned chickpea tofu cubes in glass basket of airfryer

Finest soy-free tofu to substitute for agency or additional agency tofu

These non-soy components take advantage of convincing different to agency or additional agency tofu. You’ll be able to marinate, prepare dinner, bake or fry them identical to you’ll with common tofu. They are going to arise in braised dishes, soups and stews like common tofu with out dissolving or breaking excessively. 

cubes of homemade pigeon tofu in boiling water

1. Excessive Protein Chickpea Tofu

Chickpeas actually stunned me! I didn’t assume it could work, however my selfmade low-carb chickpea milk self-coagulated after heating it up. The ensuing tofu had the identical wonderful bouncy high quality of conventional tofu. But it surely was much more scrumptious with the gentle naturally savory taste of chickpeas. 

The rationale I didn’t assume it could work was the excessive starch content material of chickpeas. However the starch removing was simple and the truth that the milk self-coagulated with out including any coagulant was a welcome bonus.

Beneath: excessive protein chickpea tofu in miso soup

close up of boiled chickpea tofu in miso soup

2. Fava Bean Tofu 

Fava Beans, like many beans, are nice sources of vegan protein. Additionally they don’t comprise as a lot starch as some others which is why I had it on my listing for testing. Nevertheless, it was actually seeing Large Mountain Meals’s new soy-free tofu that actually lit a hearth underneath me to refine my course of. I noticed from their diet label that they had been capable of utterly eradicate the carbohydrates whereas utilizing fava beans as their base. So, I used a course of much like making wheat starch noodles. However as a substitute of specializing in isolating and utilizing the starch, I remoted and eliminated the starch.

Beneath: air fried plain fava bean tofu

puffed soy-free tofu

It makes great additional agency tofu with the scrumptious taste of fava beans. The end result was similar to additional agency tofu. Nevertheless, it was not fairly as bouncy because the excessive protein chickpea tofu.

Beneath: Deep-fried Fava Bean Tofu

deep fried soy-free tofu with fava beans

3. Cut up Yellow Pea Tofu

Cut up Yellow Peas are nice as a result of you may pace up the method by hot-soaking the dried break up peas. The smaller measurement permits them to plump up quicker. Curds created from break up yellow peas had been smaller than chickpea or fava bean so the ensuing tofu after being pressed wasn’t as bouncy. Nonetheless, it might arise in boiling (the feel really improves) and is a good substitute for agency or medium agency tofu.

Beneath: break up yellow pea tofu that was pan-fried alone, then stir-fried with greens and sauce

stir fried split pea tofu with noodles and bean sprouts

4. Cut up Inexperienced Peas

Just like Cut up Yellow Pea Tofu, Inexperienced Pea Tofu has the identical texture however with the marginally sweeter flavour of inexperienced peas.

Beneath: boiled inexperienced pea tofu

boiled green pea tofu

5. Pigeon Pea Tofu

Cut up Pigeon Peas make a beautiful yellow tofu that’s much like the break up yellow pea tofu above. Cut up Pigeon Peas look completely different from the entire model because the brown outer half is eliminated. This makes the method of constructing soy-free tofu from it a bit quicker and simpler.

Beneath: plain and seasoned air fried pigeon pea tofu

cut cubes of seasoned and air fried pigeon pea tofu

The result’s agency, bouncy, and versatile. It has a light bitterness from the pigeon peas when freshly made. Nevertheless, that is lowered after boiling in water. Making this a tofu that will be nicely suited to braised dishes or recipes with a spicy, flavorful sauce.

Beneath: boiled pigeon pea tofu

three cubes of boiled pigeon pea tofu

Finest Soy-Free Tofu to substitute for gentle or silken tofu

Whereas all of the tofu’s above may be made to be gentle (utilizing much less weight within the urgent stage), one stands out as a winner for gentle or silken tofu.

Excessive Protein Purple Lentil Tofu

This stunning blush-colored soy-free tofu is created from crimson lentils. The lentils are floor with water after which milked. The starch is left to settle and the underside whereas the highest layer of protein-rich plant-based milk is cooked. Then a pure coagulant is added and the recent milk separates into high quality curds and clear whey.

After urgent these high quality curds, the tofu is delicate and gentle. It has a light taste of savory lentils and is ideal for any recipe the place you want gentle or silken tofu.

Beneath, from proper to left: excessive protein crimson lentil tofu plain, air fried, and seasoned and air fried, and seasoned and deep-fried

Pink Tofu (high protein red lentil tofu) plain, air fried, and deep-fried

Excessive Fats Soy-Free Tofu

These seed-based tofu varieties are excessive in fats however all differ of their texture. All of them have the power to self-coagulant, making all of them one-ingredient recipes. I wouldn’t substitute them for many common tofu recipes as their richness makes them extra satiating. I exploit them extra like a high-fat accent (very similar to cheese) than a most important protein supply. All of them ought to be included in your subsequent unique tofu-tasting celebration.

Pumpkin Seed Tofu

Extremely scrumptious and indulgent, pumpkin seed tofu is just like the ribeye steak of tofu. Its excessive fats and protein content material makes it extremely filling. And the great flavour of pumpkin seeds turns into extra fragrant if you sear it or fry it. The feel is agency and creamy on the similar time.

Beneath, from left to proper: plain air fried pumpkin seed tofu, plain uncooked pumpkin seed tofu, seasoned and air fried pumpkin seed tofu

cube of plain air fried pumpkin seed tofu, one plain and one seasoned and airfried

And when it’s frozen and thawed, a number of the oil content material separates, making the protein extra chewy and meaty. It makes probably the most unimaginable vegan bacon.

Hemp Coronary heart Tofu

Tofu created from hemp hearts (hulled hemp seeds) is splendidly excessive in protein, wholesome fats and tastes nice too! Hemp seeds are well-known for his or her omega-3 content material; particularly essential for plant-based dieters.

Beneath: plain hemp coronary heart tofu

single block of hemp heart tofu

The feel of hemp seed tofu is reasonably agency with a slight bounce. The chunk is chewy in a meaty kind of approach (not rubbery) and creamy on the similar time. When served plain, it tastes just like the hemp hearts they’re made out of. So be sure you select a model that has a nice gentle nutty taste and keep away from utilizing hemp hearts which can be bitter.

Sunflower Seed Tofu

Sunflower seeds make a creamier tofu that’s agency sufficient to dice up and fry, however gentle sufficient that it’s simple to unfold. That is the best ingredient to make on the spot flavored vegan cheese spreads.

Beneath: cubed sunflower seed tofu with seasonings sprinkled on high

sunflower seed tofu cubes sprinkled with salt, onion powder, and garlic powder

The distinction between Excessive Protein Soy-Free Tofu and Excessive Carb Soy-free Tofu

Excessive carb soy-free tofu is way more frequent. One conventional instance is Burmese Tofu, also called Shan Tofu and Chickpea Tofu. It’s created from grinding entire chickpeas or utilizing chickpea flour and mixing with water, cooking the puree till it’s stiff, which is then poured right into a mildew and left to set. The combination turns into a strong block much like polenta. The ensuing diet profile is excessive in carbohydrates with comparatively little protein. 

Burmese Chickpea Tofu

As a result of it’s really easy and accessible, it’s develop into common to make use of the Burmese Tofu methodology to make excessive carb tofu from different peas, lentils and beans.  Nevertheless, excessive carb tofu isn’t an ideal substitute for conventional soy-based tofu. The feel is way softer (mushier) and doesn’t arise nicely in braised or soupy recipes. It’s higher ready seasoned and baked, pan-fried or air-fried.

Different sorts of excessive carb soy-free tofu are embrace almond tofu (which is about utilizing agar agar) and sesame tofu (which is about utilizing added starch).

However, Excessive Protein Soy-Free Tofu is made in an analogous option to conventional tofu. A milk is created from the entire meals ingredient, the protein is coagulated into curds and pressed into blocks. This makes soy-free tofu that’s low in carbohydrates with a diet profile way more much like conventional soy-based tofu.

Nevertheless, soy is sort of distinctive in that it is extremely excessive in protein whereas containing little or no starch. Different legumes comprise extra starch which requires removing. In any other case, the starch-rich soy-free tofu comes out mushy. The starch interferes with the curds forming properly and interlocking firmly when being pressed. Fortunately, it’s simple to do.

blocks of homemade soy-free tofu

Able to strive your first excessive protein soy-free tofu?

Select your problem! By the best way, the chickpea and crimson lentil tofu recipes are labelled “excessive protein” solely as a result of excessive carb variations of those are extra frequent recognized in the meanwhile. The entire tofu sorts listed below are excessive in protein and low in carbohydrates.

  1. Excessive Protein Chickpea Tofu
  2. Fava Bean Tofu
  3. Yellow Pea Tofu
  4. Inexperienced Pea Tofu
  5. Pigeon Pea Tofu
  6. Excessive Protein Purple Lentil Tofu
  7. Pumpkin Seed Tofu
  8. Hemp Coronary heart Tofu
  9. Sunflower Seed Tofu

Have you ever tried any soy-free tofu? What did you consider them? When you’re right here, please let me know if you would like me to strive “tofuifying” another plant-based components. Thanks for studying!


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